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Inner Glow Life

Inner Glow Life Steam Shower Mitt For Peeling + Exfoliating

Inner Glow Life Steam Shower Mitt For Peeling + Exfoliating

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Shower Scrub Resistance Body Massage Glove Sponge - Skin Exfoliator

 You will love this product! Perfect for head to toe exfoliation.

Use in shower before Signature BDY Oil application.

-A nice slough session with exfoliating gloves a few times per week can help get rid of dead skin cell buildup—a major cause of skin dullness—and make way for healthy skin!


 You should not exfoliate every day. You can use exfoliating gloves or scrubs two or three times a week depending on how sensitive your skin is.

If your skin is sensitive exfoliate once a week.

-Since exfoliating gloves entire purpose is to remove dead skin cells, even after rinsing them out, the dead skin cells will still be tangled in the nooks and crannies of the fibers. That's why it's best to replace your exfoliating gloves every three to four weeks!


Use: Cleaning & Exfoliation of skin head to toe

Material: Loofah Type: GLOVE

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