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INNER GLOW LIFE is all about healthy, glowing skin!

INNER GLOW LIFE is a lifestyle beauty brand focused on helping people everywhere achieve healthy, glowing skin naturally and organically. Our best selling product, the Signature BDY Oil, has been 5 years in the making and took lots of time and attention to curate such a luxurious, silky smooth body oil that is proven to soften skin, reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation and is good on all skin types. The results are UNMATCHED! Truly visible smoother and softer skin after just a few applications.

Based in Los Angeles, We stand behind our ingredients and source them from the most trusted sources. Our main and favorite ingredient is vitamin E because of its many topical healing properties that allows the skin to rebuild, repair, and look brand new. All of our bottles go thru a strict sanitization and quality control procedure to ensure you receive the highest quality each and every time.



Meet our Founder & CEO Melanie Powell.

Melanie is a multifaceted entrepreneur with experience in the fashion and beauty worlds collectively. After attending the #1 HBCU in the country Spelman College, studying Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering, Melanie could not ignore her passion for fashion and set off for the world of Costume Design in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Years later & now as an experienced iatse705 Motion Pictures Union Costumer, Published Celebrity Fashion Stylist, and Profesional Model, Melanie has a secret weapon that is her very own INNER GLOW LIFE which grew from a very faithful, spiritual connection to God at a very young age and eventually became an uplifting social media page that blossomed into a platform where she could share and pour into others the information of being connected to your raw organic self & inner healing but also with her all natural, organic beauty curations that not only helped clear, soften, & smooth her own skin from the inside out, but also those around her----clients, friends, family & more!
Feeling only somewhat accomplished, more determined than ever, yet still proud of the path and the journey that has become INNER GLOW LIFE, she is focused on philanthropy at heart and helping others grow AND GLOW from the inside out.

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